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 Concept Cubes
     Unique, cool, but probably not realistic
     Basic container designs
    Of a more artistic nature
    Realistic designs of today
    Business in a Box
    Hotels, offices, worker cabins, etc.
    Military, medical & emergency type
    Pre-manufactured ISBU homes
 Floating Homes
    Water villas, floating container homes
    Not the real thing, but see what we did
 Plans & Designs
    House & office plans, designs, templates
    You better look to understand

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 About Us
Add A Project-

Please contact us with legitimate ISBU Shipping Container projects, architecture, links or photo's.  The project of any type must
be made using ISBU shipping containers as the base.

1) Send  .jpg, .png or .tiff photos only.  We will not open or accept any other files.  ....jpg, png, or .tiff photos only.
2) You must include your contact information so we may verify information and ask questions:
     - email address
     - telephone
     - name
3) Two sentences about the photo or project.

4) We will contact you for further information.

If you are sending only a LINK then steps 1-4 are not necessary.

5) Send to:

Thanks for your interest and input.

- Cubic Inspirations staff



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