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FAQ: What is an ISBU?
An ISBU is the professional term
for a shipping container used for
housing or other type construction.

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What does that mean for you?
This Jamaica office is built from a single 40GP ISBU cargo container and is the 
office of the same architects who designed and built the cargo container office.

It was designed by architects Chris Whyms-Stone and David Douglas who own 
the firm of Cornerstone Architects in Kingston, Jamaica. This is not only their 
design but also their new office. It sits on an elevation which adds even more to
 it's unique appearance.

With real estate prices soaring this was their plan dating as far back as 2002. 
They have other shipping container designs including a car dealership, however 
there is an extreme shortage of shipping containers in Jamaica. Eventhough there
is a demand and great interest in shipping container designs in Jamaica, the ISBU 
shortage has halted construction.

Architects: Cornerstone Architects
Container: JAMCOR
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For all these years people keep saying, "but why do the 
shipping containers always need to look like shipping containers?
As we keep saying, "the don't". 

Now Verbus has finally added the simple exterior decor to prove
that ISBU shipping container construction can be very attractive
even when a single unit housing project is constructed.

Verbus are the people behind the Travelodge projects and 
many other UK container housing projects proving the "box"
can be strong, flexible and also beautiful.

You may notice that the Verbus ISO shipping containers are
12', which is 4' wider than the standard ISO container.

Although it is nice to have the extra width it has many serious
problems and challenges during transport; on the ships from it's
China factory and then on the streets to the final project. The
planning time and delays take the feasibility and beauty from
the easy-to-use standard 8' wide ISBU.

The Verbus people are genius at what they do but for most
projects and contractors globally that extra size is a nightmare.
Most architects and contractors with any experience prefer to
use of two 8' ISBU will form a 16' rather than fight the transit
problems of the 12'. No matter what, Verbus is a winner...